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Foundations Of Argentine Tango

Thanks for coming this far. Please register now to take advantage of this once-a-year special. Classes are held in central Seattle. Address will be sent by email.

The classes are grouped into three 5-week sessions:

Total cost is $160 for 15 weeks, cash on first day of class. Why take all 15 classes? Simply because you will have accomplished more than those who have taken years of tango classes, at a fraction of the cost. Pre-register now to learn how you will learn.

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Argentine Tango is my newest dance and one I have not 'internalized' yet. After a few hours dancing privately with Dan, I feel like I know 'enough' to not make a fool of myself at a social dance. That is enormous. Dan makes learning easy, he is earnest and understands what he is teaching. I find Dan fun and always a gentleman.