Tango Always Protects, Always Trusts


Excerpt from ‘Tango Always Protects, Always Trusts’

The masculine and feminine partners in tango complement one another, enhancing and emphasizing the qualities of the other. For example, as commonly expected, the man protects the woman, as in life, and the woman trusts the man. This is a complementary arrangement. But there’s more to being tango partners.

Tango Partners Are Interdependent

Willingly dependent on each other to make a complete dance.

Tango Partners Are Reciprocal

Partners need and expect reciprocity, each offering the other complete presence, respect and connection of feeling to music. Like being in love, if you discover your partner isn’t there like you are, something evaporates.

Tango Partners Are Commutual

This means mutual, reciprocal and united.

Both partners need to trust the other for the dance to work. Trust allows a person to show him or herself. Mutual trust is the engine of the dance….

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