In The Beginning


“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; [masculine] and [feminine] he created them.” Genesis 1:27. New International Version

The good news of Argentine tango is that this beautiful dance celebrates this distinction, as well as the dynamic, between masculine and feminine. In fact the dance is beautiful precisely because of the distinction and interplay between these two principles inherent in our humanity: the two move as one.

This blog is mostly about the masculine part: how you can express your masculinity in this dance; why just learning and doing the masculine part well will automatically draw the feminine part to you. I will be referring to my website often to help you learn some of the principles of this dance, which are surprising simple.

I hope this series of writings finds many, both men and women, who want the good news of a dance that can be learned and enjoyed using mostly what you already have.